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We are a Colombian-Korean company with 15 years of national and international experience, dedicated to offering direct and indirect trading services and facilitation of government projects seeking to satisfy the needs of our current and potential clients and allies.

CI NEXTRADING LTD was founded in 2005. It is a trading company that is constantly developing based on rich experiences, knowledge and competitiveness in Colombia and Latin America.

Thorough market analysis, rich business experience, and a strong network are essential to entering the untapped market. Based on them, we provide a total solution to complete all needs of our customers.

C.I Nextrading Ltda

Since  2005

Bussiness Models:  Direct and Indirect Trading,  Public and Private Project Facilitation

Address : Carrera 68D # 98A-37, Bogotá, Colombia

Tel: (57 1) 516 5452


We offer direct and indirect trading services and government project facilitation, seeking solutions and satisfying the needs of our current & potential clients and partners between countries in Asia and Latin America.


We will be the Colombian company that will pursue being recognized as a leader in direct and indirect trading at the Colombian level, with the clear commitment to permanently raising our clients’ level of satisfaction.

Likewise, we will complete our tasks effectively and minimize risks in searching for national and international growth jointly with our external and internal clients.

Nuestros Objetivos

– Being a channel and bridge in trading between Latin America and Asian Countries.

– Being a facilitator in public and private projects, international business and trade between Latin America and Asian Countries.

– Providing support for companies that are entering or interested in starting businesses both in Latin America and Asia


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